Dream Dog Program

The cornerstone of Bouviers of Distinction

The Dream Dog Program enables our puppy's new family to acquire their dream dog. After your puppy goes through our Dream Dog Program there will be a seamless connection behaviorally between the handler/ owner and the bouvier. Our program starts with hands on puppy management in your home with the goal of creating the ideal stress free environment for both puppy and handler/ owner.

Instead of engaging in mindless play, we give you the tools you need to engage in play training. These engagement activities become the building blocks for not only the correct social hierarchy within your home, but the ideal foundation for training your dream dog.

The next step in our training program is phase 1 of our Basic Obedience Puppy Management Social Skills Course. Phase 1 obedience takes place in our facility in Upstate New York. Your pup will live with us in our home during this phase and every aspect of your dog's experience is choreographed. With anywhere between 2-3 training sessions a day in our controlled environment the puppy moves with ease from skill to skill. As the puppy progresses you will be updated with instructional videos showing the training as it is taking place with your puppy, so you can begin to follow along at home. By doing this you will learn the skills and drills, so when you time comes to learn how to handle your newly trained dog you will be familiar with the "ABCs" of our training curriculum.

The final stage to our training program is when you join us for puppy pickup and spend as much time as necessary learning how to professionally handle your newly trained bouvier.

This course is available to our dream dog clients at a 25% savings by coming onto the Dream Dog Program with the purchase of your puppy. Please feel free to follow up with any questions that you may have or to book your appointment now by clicking the link below for more information.

Curious about the adoption process?

When you adopt a dog from Bouviers of Distinction, your relationship with your puppy begins before birth. You'll fill out paperwork letting us know what color, size and personality you want in your puppy. Once the pups are born, you'll select yours from our litter. We can ship animals if needed, or you can pick up your puppy in person.

Contact our office right away to start the adoption process. You're going to love your new bouvier des Flandres puppy.