Puppy Training Begins Early

Trust your new dog to our unique training program

One of the most difficult parts about having a new puppy is the training. Teaching a young animal to behave properly and to use the bathroom outdoors can be frustrating. Fortunately, you can get some expert help. At Bouviers of Distinction, we offer a Dream Dog Program. We'll teach you how to become the alpha in your dog's eyes so that you can keep them calm and teach them to follow instructions.

On their own, most dogs try to assert their dominance by running, jumping, urinating on things and barking. In order to change this behavior, our program teaches the dog to be submissive to his or her owner. This makes your dog feel more comfortable, and the behavior to assert dominance stops.

Talk to our crew today to get your animal and our training program packaged for a fair price.

Invest in training for your dog that will last a lifetime

Invest in training for your dog that will last a lifetime

Teaching a puppy to be submissive takes a lot of repetition. That's why we work hard to make sure every owner has the tools they need to keep their furry friend well-behaved before bringing them home. Some of the steps of our program include:

  • Establishing the dog's personality and its specific needs
  • Working on play-training games that establish good behaviors
  • Giving training videos to owners to take home in preparation for in-person training sessions

We'll do whatever it takes to make sure you and your puppy are ready to start your lives together.

Curious about the adoption process?

When you adopt a dog from Bouviers of Distinction, your relationship with your puppy begins before birth. You'll fill out paperwork letting us know what color, size and personality you want in your puppy. Once the pups are born, you'll select yours from our litter. We can ship animals if needed, or you can pick up your puppy in person.

Contact our office right away to start the adoption process. You're going to love your new bouvier des Flandres puppy.